Xoom vs Transferwise

Xoom vs TransferWise

Xoom vs Transferwise

Xoom vs Transferwise: which money transfer platform has the lowest service fees? In which countries are they present? Which currencies are accepted?




0.6% to 4% per transfer.

0.3% to 2% per transfer.


Covers 130+ countries.

Available in 55 countries.
Covers 60+ countries.


100+ currencies

40+ currencies supported.

A money transfer service that has competitive service fees and global presence is always a good choice of users. Xoom and Transferwise gboth have a strong reputation for their reliable & fast money transfers globally.

Both money transfer platforms offer smooth money transfers in multiple currencies.

In this article we bring you a detailed comparison of services offered by these platforms.


Transferwise and Xoom are famous money transfer platforms that provide competitive money transfer services.

Transferwise is a strong player in the industry offering low and transparent service fees. Furthermore, its customer support also has a good reputation globally. Moreover, Transferwise provides Personal and Business accounts as well.

Xoom is a PayPal subsidiary which is regulated in the US by FINCEN. It also has a top reputation when it comes to customer support and has wide global presence.

Xoom vs Transferwise Detailed Comparison

Service Fees

Xoom and Transferwise have varied service fees. Xoom also has additional fees through its mark up on exchange rate.

Transferwise offers an interbank rate which makes their service fees competitive. Indeed, Transferwise service fees range from 0.6% to 2%. Additional fees are levied if you use credit or debit card that ranges from 0.6% to 4%.

On the other hand, Xoom transfer fees range from 0.4% to 3%, with additional mark up on the exchange rate.


As explained earlier, both Xoom & Transferwise money transfer services have global presence. Considering their strong reputation it is difficult to choose one in terms of availability.

Transferwise is available in over 55 countries and covers over 60 countries for transfers.

While Xoom indeed has a strong presence in the United Kingdom, United States and Europe, it also covers over 130 countries for transfers.

Currencies Accepted

Both platforms offer a wide range of currency options. However Xoom trumps Transferwise with its large number of currency offerings.

Indeed, Transferwise only provides support for over 40+ currencies, inclusive of local and international transfers.

Xoom however provides support for a whopping 100+ currencies, in over 130 countries.

Xoom vs Transferwise – Final Word

Conclusively, Xoom and Transferwise both are well established and have made a big name for themselves.

It will be wise to go through the comparison and choose the one that best suits your needs. This will heavily depend on which country you are based in, and which country you need to send the funds to.