Fast Payday Loans Online

Fast Payday Loans Online

Below are companies providing fast payday loans online with instant approval.

In a world flooded with half-baked quality, finding companies that provide fast online payday loans can be a challenge. Or, you could find several of these lenders only to be disappointed with their processes and waiting time. There’s so much to consider when seeking loans and that’s why you need to properly scrutinize these companies before choosing one to work with. We have a list ready with details about what you need to know. That way, you will make informed decisions.

1. Check Into Cash

Best in Category: Best online Payday loans overall

Fast, simple and guaranteed, Check Into Cash is the best fast payday loans online provider. The Texas based Licensed Credit Access Business (CAB) has branches everywhere in US. This makes them easily accessible as well as their online availability that makes things better. Their application processes are simple and easy to undertake. Also, approvals come through fast.


  • Annual percentage rate (APR) of 399%
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) –  A+
  • Trust Piloting Rating – 4.5%
  • 1100+ physical stores
  • Online applications allowed


  1. Several stores available plus online applications allowed making them easily accessible
  2. Fast approvals
  3. No hidden charges, what you see is what you get
  4. Options available, you may apply online or visit their readily available stores


  • Lower loan limits

Check Into Cash is a reputable lender that belongs to the class of lenders that give the best fast payday loans online with instant approval. With their 800+ stores, you will get them near you and have your credit processed fast. Besides, they are a highly rated lender and recognized by the most reputable rating organizations.

Allan Jones is the founder of this lender which is headquartered in Cleveland, Tennessee. Today, he is considered the pioneer of payday lending as he is the father of this idea. The company has had a number of acquisitions over the years including Cash & Cheque Express and Great American Pawn in 2012 and 2013 respectively, among other purchases. This explains their entrance in the UK market among other states other than US. It is believed Jones sponsored some legislatures for them to legalize and allow the business model Check Into Cash uses to operate.

Since their establishment in 1993, this provider has been providing loans at relatively high APR rates and competitive approval limits. At the moment you can take up to $1000 for return clients or $750 for walk-ins. At 399% APR, you have slightly less than 1% daily periodic rate which is a reasonable rate for a borrower.

Qualify for fast payday loans online with Check Into Cash.

Recommendation: Try Check into cash and you will never regret. They are easy to deal with and have been tried & tested.  

2. CashnetUSA – Fast Payday Loans Online

Best in Category: Best for quick approval

Time is of the essence when in need of money urgently. CashnetUSA is the fastest lender in terms of approvals for fast payday loans online. Below is a full profile of the lender with all you need to know about them.


  • APR rate of 399%
  • BBB rating – B-
  • Trust Piloting rating – 4.6%
  • 0 stores
  • Enabled online applications


  1. They are the fastest in loan approvals thus reliable in emergency situations
  2. Require minimum qualifications to give loans
  3. Offer resourceful information about money management on top of the loan


  • High interest rates

This is one of the most established payday loan lenders in US. The company has been in business for close to two decades now and continues to thrive. Their APR rate is relatively high but they are fast in approvals and disbursement. Their approval limits are also relatively low. Besides, CashnetUSA has no physical store and are available in selected states only.

Overall, CashnetUSA is one of the companies offering the best online payday loans with instant approvals. Besides, this lender can give you a loan even with a lower FICO score. They approve between $100 and $3000. According to experts, borrowers trade their personal information to payday loans when desperate for financial assistance without their notice. But with bodies like Community Financial Services Association (CFSA), these people are protected. CashnetUSA is one of the few payday lenders that submit to such regulators and the state. This makes this lender trustworthy and believable.

Recommendation: CashnetUSA ranks among the best in fast online payday loans issuance. They require little before approving their loans and do the latter quick enough, making them the best in emergency cases.

Apply for fast payday loans online with CashnetUSA.

3. Check ‘n Go – Fast Payday Loans Online

Best in Category: Best for competitive rates

With this lender, you pay less for more! Their competitive rates make them a go to provider but let’s see what else they offer.


  • APR rate: 286.79% – 391.07%
  • BBB rating – A+
  • Trust Piloting Rating – Not Rated
  • 1100+ stores
  • Online applications allowed


  1. Easy available with more than 1000 online and physical stores
  2. Competitive rates
  3. Highly rated by rating companies proving their overall great services


  • Hidden charges


Check ‘n Go was established in 1994. Up until now, the company continues to thrive with over 1000 physical stores and still counting. You may also make apply for fast payday loans online and be sure to get your credit at competitive rates. They give loans of amounts between $500 and $5000. Their APR rates vary depending on a number of factors as advised by the company.

Check ‘n Go started their online services after the internet had set pace. Previously, they used their physical stores as access centers for their clients. Now, you can apply and get your loan through their online platforms and make repayments too.

The lending company started its business in Covington, Kentucky offering their clients financial services specific to their needs. Up until now, the provider has given out close to 50 million loans to its growing list of clients and still counting. With its headquarters in Cincinnati, this lender has between 1001 – 5000 employees who work tirelessly to ensure their customers get the best.

Recommendation: Check ‘n Go is on our list of the providers offering the best online payday loans with instant approval. They have a great history and are a fast online payday loans issuer.

Visit Check ‘n Go for fast payday loans online.

4. Oportun – Fast Payday Loans Online

Best in Category: Best for Free financial resources

There’s more to life than just fast payday loans online access. You need money management skills to help you avoid paying extra in terms of interest to access the same. That is why Oportun is here. Below is their quick profile.


  • APR rate cap of 36%
  • BBB rating – A+
  • Trust Piloting Rating – Not rated
  • 0 stores
  • Online applications allowed


  1. Provides additional information other than the loans
  2. Offers variety in repayment plans
  3. Excellent client relations


  • Services available in selected states


Oportun was found in 2005. For the close to two centuries they’ve been in business, the company has been striving to make it to the list of fast online payday loans providers. They’ve done a good job so far with excellent customer service and education on financial matters. They have a reasonable APR rate and that’s why the 4 million+ clients they’ve served up to now keep coming back. This provider ranks high on our list of the best online payday loans with instant approvals.

This lender has provided over $3.9B which saved their clients over $1.8 they’d have spent to repay interest only to other lenders. This among others has played a major role in most observers recognizing Oportun’s efforts and contributions to the society. The Fast Company included them in their list of ten most innovative companies in the finance sector. This happened a year after FinTech BreakThrough had nominated them in 2019, according to

That was not all. In 2018, they efforts were also recognized with Time Magazine’s Genius Company recognizing their innovation. There’s more and this proves their endless efforts to help people sort their financial issues. While most payday lenders take advantage of the borrowers’ desperation, they stay considerate and offer loans at reasonable rates.    

Recommendation: Information is power! This lender educates you on financial matters and that’s why you need them. Other than the payday loan that they’ll process faster, you will learn a thing or two about your finances that may change your life forever.

Check out Oportun for fast payday loans online today.

5. Rise Credit

Best in Category: Best for building credit scores

We’ve all had that moment where we made one financial mistake and our credit score was affected. After that, everyone’s wish would be to get back to a good record for future reference. Well, this provider helps its clients achieve that. Below is their brief profile.


  • APR rating – 60%- 299%
  • BBB rating – A+
  • Trust Piloting Rating – 4.5
  • 0 stores
  • Online applications enabled


  1. They reward timely repayments
  2. Educational programs on top of the financial assistance
  3. Helps improve credit rating


  • High interest rates


Rise credit has been around for a while now and stands out as far as helping clients regain their credit score is concerned. It is one of the leading companies in providing the best online payday loans with instant approvals. It also ranks among the few fast online payday loans providers and this may be because of their additional services like money management education.

Rise credit offers between $500 and $5000 with relatively high APR rates. You can access their service if you are located in the 28 selected states. The organization’s history of making clients happy and satisfied means they have your interest at heart and that’s a plus.

When it comes to loans, it is about the lender making profits and that’s what most borrowers are not aware to. That is why huge payday lending rates exists to exploit you. Again, there’s nothing that comes for free. That is why others don’t mind as long as they get value in exchange. That’s what Rise credit leverage. Their reward system for fast repayments and educational programs justifies their increased interest rates. It looks like you pay for the lessons.

Recommendation: Get a loan from Rise Credit and enjoy their great client relation services. They’ll also help you rebuild your credit score in case there’s need.

Rise Credit offers fast payday loans online!

6. Speedy Cash

Best in Category: Low Charges on low-Value loans

Like their name suggests, they are fast online payday loans givers. They charge low and are quick to disburse as long as you meet their requirements. Below is their brief profile.


  • APR rate – (165.12% – 182.5%) – NB: This is a 30 day APR rate
  • BBB rating – Not rated
  • Trust Piloting Rating – 4.6
  • 200+ stores
  • Online applications enabled


  1. Most competitive repayment rates
  2. You can make applications online, via phone or through their physical stores
  3. Accessible even to clients with poor credit ratings


  • Lacks a BBB rating thus unaccredited


Established in 1997, Speedy cash was founded by three partners. The company is home to professional employees whose services are accessible even to those with poor credit ratings. They give loans with competitive rates and have different options for you to apply for a loan. The company is one of the best online payday loans with instant approval lenders.

They give as little as $50 and as much as $700. Besides, you can get a repayment extension period in case you find financial challenges. Their APR rates also vary based on the amount and other factors making it reasonable.

Speedy Cash does not limit anyone based on their demographics. Besides, you won’t get a rejected application because of your color, religion or political affiliation. This describes their professionalism and work ethic. This works well for individuals with a lower income and poor credit scores as they’re sure their applications will go through. Perhaps these may be the reasons this provider is having challenges getting accreditation from some rating platforms. Well, whatever the reason is, Speedy Cash continues to be a darling to many. 

Recommendation: This provider is one whose services you need. They don’t mind your credit score and will get that loan processed fast with a lower interest rate. Everything about this organization is amazing especially for those in need of financial services and education.

What is Payday Loan?

I’d love to put this into context. We all have expenses and incomes. Sometimes we make money before spending while other days we are forced to spend before earning. In the first case, it is possible to spend comfortably since there’s money in to spend. In situations where there’s a bill to pay for with no money, we are forced to borrow. Most employees take credit with the hope of repaying their debt with their next paycheck. That loan which you take with the hope of repaying it with your next salary or wage is a payday loan. It is a short term loan and will normally attract a high interest rate. The same goes for fast payday loans online.

This small amount loan is mostly repaid in a single amount but other lenders offer multiple repayment plans. Different lenders will ask for varying requirements before approving your request. Besides, different states have alternating payday loan rules. You must always ensure you are on the right side of these legislations to avoid trouble.

You should also be keen on the dealer you are working with. Some providers offer fast paydays loans because they are the best online payday loans with instant approval sources. Such lenders put their clients’ interest at heart. Others just want to prey on you with exorbitant APR rates. Always do proper research before settling for a lender. Finding the best online payday loans with instant approval can be a challenge but it’s doable.

How are Payday Loans working?

Different states have slightly alternating payday loan legislations. That affects how these loans work to some extent. On other matters, like qualification and application processes, these loans operate similarly. The first step is in the potential borrower reaching out to the lender. He/she should do proper research and look at a number of factors to determine the best online payday loans with instant approval providers. Some of the things to compare include:

  • APR
  • BBB rating
  • Trust piloting rating
  • The number of physical stores
  • Availability of online application

All the above qualify a provider as either competent or not. Those that fail on this should be considered last as they may have other businesses going on. Besides, they may not be among the fast online payday loans providers.

Once you’ve submitted your application, the provider will take time to review your credentials and credit ratings among other requirements. If you meet them all, the loan will be disbursed to your account. Some lenders do this within minutes/hours while others may keep you for longer, even days. The mode through which money is wired to you is agreed between you and your lender.

The same applies when it’s time to repay. Some borrowers write a post-paid check and authorize the money to be credited directly to the lender’s account once they receive their wages. You may agree on other methods based on what the lender can allow and that which you are comfortable with.  

We hope you have found a fast payday loans online company with our reviews!