Stash vs Robinhood

Stash vs Robinhood

Stash vs Robinhood

Stash vs Robinhood: what do both platforms offer?

Both Stash and Robinhood are well known financial trading platforms. However, both specialize in different types of financial services.

On one hand, Stash is one of the well reputed personal finance application that helps users with budgeting and personal finance management at nominal fees.

Robinhood, on the other hand, is a revolutionary online trading platform that offers commission free trading services.

Below is a detailed comparison that will help you choose the finance platform that best suits your needs.

Detailed Comparison

Service Fees

Both Stash and Robinhood are reputed finance platforms that offer competitive services fees.

Stash offer a three level subscription plans as mentioned below

  • Level One : For $1 a month, users can get enrolled in Stash Beginner. Users get the ability to bank with the Stock Back Card and use Stash’s personal finance services.
  • Level Two : Users can subscribe for $3 a month and can get enrolled in Stash Growth. That level includes the additional features of a traditional IRA (individual retirement account).
  • Level Three : Users can subscribe for $9 a month and can get enrolled in Stash Plus. Level three contains all the features included in Stash Growth, with the additional feature of exclusive monthly market insights.

Robinhood doesn’t charge any trading fees or commissions. Its fees are majorly in the form of difference in buying and selling price of the asset.

Features Offered

Stash offers features for cryptocurrencies as well as ETFs. It also offers an additional feature for SRI (socially responsible investing). Here, users can invest per their ethical values.

Robinhood provides trading services in stocks, ETFs and investment tools without any fee. However it does not offer free cryptocurrency and options trading.

User Friendliness

Both platforms are available on the web as well as through an app. Both Stash and Robinhood apps are Android and iOS compatible.

Stash provides dense and premium educational content with banking services. Users can easily purchase stocks and use its budgeting platform for personal finance needs.

Robinhood is an efficient online trading platform which offers customisable alerts and chart analysis.

Stash vs Robinhood – Final Word

Conclusively, both platforms offer unique financial services. Indeed, both platforms can be used independently, depending on your financial goals.

Stash is a good choice for those who are looking for personal finance and budgeting services.

Robinhood is great for those who are looking to trading in stocks as well as cryptocurrencies.